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Here we are happy to announce that our online Store is OPEN!. So you will find our first start with 25 assets. Some of them are without cost. Be free to register and start to download it.

And for the next 48 hours all our Products will have 50% discount. Hope you can enjoy it!…

One of the best features of our assets is fully compatible and ready for Corona Renderer, we are working on all assets can be used in this powerfull render engine that every day is growing in features and artists.

We are working hardly to provide high quality assets that can be added to your projects and trying to give you less work on re-adjust some material setups or even model it from 0.

In the same way we are trying in every asset to fit the real world characteristics in shape, dimensions and materials.

You can review all the formats availables and setups for each item. You will find that are compatible with most popular software.

In next an example of geometry model and rendered result. We use in this case an displacement map for the wicker material in the way of achive best quality for close-up views.

We provide too for the models with extreme level of detail a version using normal maps for reduce the render times and memory resources. Hope you  will find that usefull for large projects or views where you need add a lot of assets.

If you have some request or something you want be covered by us just leave us an feedback, we will contact you as soon as possible. Even if you need aditional format or setup available after your purchaise, dont due to contact us from your Costumer Zone account after sing-up.

We hope you can bring us a try and support our work, with that we can continue providing free assets, better quality and more stuffs in the near future. Hope you can enjoy using our stuffs and as always you can contact us in case of issues using our products. Remember YOU ARE WELCOME!

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